Cool Jobs: Editor of Commercials

Cool Jobs series profiles creative friends with interesting jobs who have worked out the kinks of living a creative life and lived to tell about it. It started out mostly as an excuse to talk to other creatives about the actual logistics of their lives.  The series evolved. (Originally it was all about health insurance and that’s completely boring, albeit topical. FYI most creatives I spoke to fell  into one of three categories: They didn’t have it. Their partner had it. They had a full time “job-job”.) Insurance aside, how do they stay inspired? Where do they go for support? I hope you enjoy our first post!

Trish Fuller, Editor

Trish Fuller is an editor at Whitehouse Post in New York City. She edits commercials. Her timelines look like this:

Pop Culture Pirate: What are the benefits of having a “traditional” day job?

Trish Fuller: I don’t necessarily think of my job as traditional but I know that you mean. I’m not freelance or an independent ‘artist’ and I have a traditional healthcare benefits plan. Well, I have two wee boys  and the bloody health insurance in this country is outrageous. I guess I need to have peace of mind knowing that my family and myself are covered if the shit hits the fan and that security is something I couldn’t have if I were a free agent.

PCP: How do you keep your work fresh? What do you watch for inspiration? 

TF: Oh my goodness everything, everything! I go to the  movies as much as possible.

I’m not so much into the flashy special effects of big budgets movies. I love stop motion movies. I took my kids to see Paranorman last week. It was SO GOOD. I kept turning round to my 5 year old and saying ‘isn’t this amazing?!’ Those guys at Laika studios are incredible. They’re just a wee studio in Portland making fantastic films.

I love Mike Mills and Beginners stayed with me for a long time. That’s the kind of movie I’d love to work on. I love Wes Anderson, early Danny Boyle, especially Shallow Grave, Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen. I’m a sucker for a human interest story and the more miserable the better. It’s the west coast of Scotland in me.

White House Post

PCP: Where do you usually go for tech resources?

TF: I work with a bunch of talented editors and assistants who are constantly challenging themselves. It’s great to be creative in that kind of environment because my resources are in-house.

Thanks, Trish!

Have questions about the logistics of being creative? Hit me up in the comments below.


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