Now & Later

I gave my Grandma my iPad. She told me she wouldn’t have time to look at it until November but she has called me every night this week and confessed to staying up way past her bed time scrolling through real estate websites. Gateway drug or sign of the times? #Decision2012

Grandma on the iPad

I’m extremely excited to be flying to Montreal this weekend to participate in the Montreal/Brooklyn Contemporary Art Event! 40 artists come together across two cities (guess which ones…) to talk about art. I’ll be live tweeting and instagraming using #mtlbrkln. I’ll be screening MadMen: Set Me Free and taking in the sites (hopefully) by bike!

Brooklyn/Montreal Show

Brooklyn/Montreal artist exchange

And finally, next Monday night, before the last Presidential debate, please join me in a Google Hangout event talking about how (if?) the debates effect popular culture and what roles viral memes play in the electoral process…if any. The event “You Can’t Vote-in Change” was inspired by the 2008 election remix by the same name.

So that’s what I’m up to this weekend. What are you doing? Friday can’t come fast enough…


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