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Last weekend I flew up to Montreal to take part in a really cool event called Montreal/Brooklyn! The event included 16 institutions and 40 artists in a series of reciprocal exhibitions that reveal the “cultural differences and similarities of two cities, both standard-bearers of contemporary art in North America.”


This was one of the coolest installations I’ve ever seen. This hatch separates the main exhibition space from the screening room. The artist created it as a physical barrier between the art world and the non-art world. You have to turn the handle, duck down and crawl into what you initially think is a commercial washer/dryer but is really a dark room with a large video projection. I didn’t care for the video but, man did that artist benefit his colleague’s cool entryway.

Bendy straws are so in right now. The viewer walks through this mazes and, despite the hundreds of people who bumped into the fragile plastic piece (the gallery was wall-to-wall packed), nothing broke. They just wavered and swayed. Kinda cool. Make a good screensaver.

Two of my favorite things: art and candy. FYI: they were mints, which I feel like was a bit of a disappointment. You go in thinking it’s going to be a mint and you want to be pleasantly surprised.

If they aren’t giving any feedback, maybe they just don’t get it. But then, of course, I thought, “well maybe I just don’t get it.”

When it came time to see my video projected large on the wall of the gallery, I was breathing a sigh of relief that it actually looked good.  You just never know with digital files these days. It could look all pixelated or blown out. It was really interesting to see it so big. I mean, that’s a big wall to fill. And people really responded to the characters and the storyline. Phew.

Thanks, Montreal/Brooklyn!


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