Weekend Review

I realize it’s Tuesday but I’m still recovering from the weekend. I keynoted the Pop Culture & World Politics conference in Geneva, NY at Hobart William and Smith College where I talked about the Mad Men project and why it’s important to talk back to pop culture instead of being a victim of it. The event space was an AMAZING loft, an old cracker factory that now houses a reclaimed wood furniture shop and an open space that looks like a Pinterest board come to life!

And at the very back of the factory was a large room dedicated to housing the letter presses the suffragists used to print flyers in near-by Seneca Falls! It was such a wonderful space to be in. I was honored to share keynoting duties with some of my favorite counter-culture collaborators, Anne Elizabeth MooreLegs McNeil and Reverend Billy Talen.

Pop Culture & World Politics Keynote

And then it was off to the wonderful world of Long Island City, Queens, a small oasis I have visited only 3 times before, off the ‘coast’ of Manhattan. There, my Mad Men:Set Me Free collaborator and I joined other local remixers at Flux Factory  for a screening of  our work followed by the ten-years-in-the-making remix, Hollywood Burn created by mash up artists, Soda_Jerk. I learned that, after talking with them online for years, the two creators were both women! I had no idea so that was a pleasant surprise. What a wonderful weekend. Thanks to the professors from all over the world who came to Geneva for the conference and for waking up early, at 9:30 on a Sunday for the closing address!  And thanks to Flux for a wonderful event!


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