Vintage Fred Armisen

Before he played vegan-anarchist-feminists in Portlandia, Fred Armisen tried out his now iconic characters in Chicago. Thankfully those misadventures are caught on tape. Literally.  This vintage VHS of Fred was found in Odd Obsession, a local video rental store where “discriminating taste, to bad taste, to no taste at all–we have something for everyone!” One dedicated YouTuber took it upon himself to transfer and digitize the VHS giving it back to the YouTube archives for all to enjoy. You can really see where Fred’s Portlandia characters got their start. Love this.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Fred Armisen

    • “The article you likned to talked a lot about “New Brooklyn”. As a long-time resident of old, unhip Brooklyn, I’m curious about its size relative to the new version. I was called up for jury duty about a year ago. The prospective jurors were all from Kings County (i.e. Brooklyn), presumably a representative sample of it. During voir dire I counted up the percentage of hipsters and yuppies in the room. It was about 10%, much smaller than one would guess from media coverage.”It would be better to specify “Brownstone Brooklyn” when referring to these people and where they live, or “Northern Brooklyn” as I did in an earlier comment that may still pass moderation.Essentially people like this come from a part of Brooklyn that now consists of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Boerum Hill, Prospect Heights, the part now called “DUMBO”, Fort Greene, parts of Greenpoint and Bushwick, though of course its more complicated. The Yankees, or Hipsters, or Yunnies if you will are pushing south and east past these neighborhoods, while there are still low income pockets within this area. And the parts closest to Manhattan are now really the domain of standard affluent white square people, Mitt Romney (or Michael Bloomberg) typesBut all of this accounts for only about a fifth of the borough’s population. Once you get beyond convenient subway access to Manhattan, its a very different borough.

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