Real, Beautiful Ads

I was inspired by this Ad Age article on the abundance of women-centric ads to pull up some of my favorites. But this quote really resonated: “It’s too early to say that the women’s battle has been won, but trying to convince me to buy something by just acknowledging I’m a woman almost plays into the older problem,” Ms. DeCourcy said. “I want messages that play to my interests, not just my gender. I start to wonder that once every single brand a woman can buy starts to position itself around ‘You’re a woman and we get you,’ how are you going to create distinction?”

The wonderful Jenn Pozner writes: “The key is, can advertising get to a point where women are in leadership [roles], where women’s perspectives inform the ads, and the products aren’t actively dangerous to the health, safety or equity of women? Until Donna Draper is making as many decisions over the content of advertising as Don Draper, and the products being sold don’t sell women out, then this trend is nothing more than another selling tool — and that tool won’t work very well in the long run.”

The ads below are wonderful but how many women serve in leadership positions in those companies? How many have mentorship programs or pay equity? I think those will be the next questions facing brands eager to jump on the pro-female bandwagon. In the mean time, the execution of these ads are spot-on and if they aren’t boosting sales, they are certainly boosting brand recognition with younger customers.

The playlist includes:
Misty Copeland: I Will What I Want – Under Armour (2014) AIRED http://youtu.be/ZY0cdXr_1MA

Gisele Bundchen: I Will What I Want – Under Armour (2014) http://youtu.be/H-V7cOestUs

Labels Against Women/ #ShineStrong – Pantene (2013) AIRED http://youtu.be/kOjNcZvwjxI

#LikeAGirl – Always (2014) http://youtu.be/XjJQBjWYDTs

Camp Gyno – Hello Flo (2013) http://youtu.be/0XnzfRqkRxU

Real Beauty Campaign – Dove (2006-2014)

Evolution (2006): http://youtu.be/Q5qZedMTkkE

Onslaught (2007): http://youtu.be/Ei6JvK0W60I

Sketches (2013): http://youtu.be/XpaOjMXyJGk 

Selfie (2014): http://youtu.be/_3agBWqGfRo

Goldie Blox – AIRED– Superbowl Ad http://youtu.be/ZVCC83cDch0

What My Mom Does at GE – GE (2014) AIRED http://youtu.be/Co0qkWRqTdM

Inspire Her Mind – Verizon (2014) AIRED http://youtu.be/XP3cyRRAfX0

Susie’s Lemonade Stand – Verizon (2012) AIRED http://youtu.be/ywmkR5lcSxI


One thought on “Real, Beautiful Ads

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks ESK. I come from a family of women that have always been strong, intelligent and enlightened. Tempered by fire, with sleeves rolled up and boots dirty. THanks so much for this vid. Adrienne

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