Video Phone.

How do you get away with quickly shooting videos on your iPhone without making them look like you quickly shot them on your iPhone? My three favorite apps for getting away with murder are below, but remember, before you point-and-shoot, take a look at my quick guide for shooting better video!

Vintage filter for iPhone cameraThe 8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99) app lets you throw vintage filters on your everyday videos. It’s kind of link an Instagram for video but with more control over features like frame jitter. Best part: the filters are categorized by decade back to the 1920‘s.


iphone apps for tilt shiftYes. Tilt Shift ($1.99). Give your videos that artsy, miniature look with an added bonus of having precise control over what’s in focus and blurring everything else.



Cinemagram iPhone app for GifsOk, so Cinemagram (FREE!) isn’t really a video app but it does allow you to take videos and manipulate them into .gifs (AMAZING). Cinemagram  is really a lesson in building your perspective and eye for movement. Sure, an interesting view helps, but some of my favorites cinemagrams are of the mundane.