Vintage Fred Armisen

Before he played vegan-anarchist-feminists in Portlandia, Fred Armisen tried out his now iconic characters in Chicago. Thankfully those misadventures are caught on tape. Literally.  This vintage VHS of Fred was found in Odd Obsession, a local video rental store where “discriminating taste, to bad taste, to no taste at all–we have something for everyone!” One dedicated YouTuber took it upon himself to transfer and digitize the VHS giving it back to the YouTube archives for all to enjoy. You can really see where Fred’s Portlandia characters got their start. Love this.


Home Movie Mash Up

Nick Confalone spent the last couple of weeks digitizing VHS and mini DV tapes to make this home movie supercut of every Christmas caught on tape. Nick says, “every year, our dad would tape us coming down the stairs. This is a compilation of all the videos I could find. Relatives and pets grow up and disappear, and new extended family members appear in their place.”

For the record, Nick states, the young man who appears in 2007 is his sister’s eventual husband, not a foster brother as the ever-so-accurate YouTube comments might have you think! One bummer about this mash up is that it was disabled for embedding due to copyright violation for the song, Christmas Time is Here, played by Vince Guaraldi. C’mon YouTube. Just let us have one moment of copyright-less joy. It’s Christmas!

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Let Me Be Clear

In honor of their “Person of the Year”, TIME Mag created this supercut of Obama’s catch phrase, “let me make this clear.” Obama & Clinton’s simple approach to ‘splaining things have definitely worked in the Democrats favor this year.

But TIME wasn’t the first to get to this point. Here, the AP puts this soundbite into more context.

What do you think? A red flag signaling a tweetable one-liner to come or just rhetoric?