Vintage Fred Armisen

Before he played vegan-anarchist-feminists in Portlandia, Fred Armisen tried out his now iconic characters in Chicago. Thankfully those misadventures are caught on tape. Literally.  This vintage VHS of Fred was found in Odd Obsession, a local video rental store where “discriminating taste, to bad taste, to no taste at all–we have something for everyone!” One dedicated YouTuber took it upon himself to transfer and digitize the VHS giving it back to the YouTube archives for all to enjoy. You can really see where Fred’s Portlandia characters got their start. Love this.


Air as Art

These swings are set up in the 55,000-square-foot Wade Thompson Drill Hall at the Park Avenue Armory!  The wonderful artist Ann Hamilton’s installation, called “the event of a thread”, lets audiences feel what it’s like to hang from a single piece of thread, suspended in mid air by an over-sized swing. On view until January 6th! Visit it along with these shows!

No two voices are alike. No event is ever the same. Each intersection in this project is both made and found. All making is an act of attention and attention is an act of recognition and recognition is the something happening that is thought itself. As a bird whose outstretched wings momentarily catch the light and change thought’s course, we attend the presence of the tactile and perhaps most importantly—we attend to each other. If on a swing, we are alone, we are together in a field. This condition of the social is the event of a thread. Our crossings with its motions, sounds, and textures is its weaving; is a social act. – Ann Hamilton Ann Hamilton