QueerCarrie Final episode.

I finally finished the year-long project that was QueerCarrie. I was not a fan of the feminist-lite franchise but I was intrigued by the societal expectations it set forth for women, hetero-heavy narrative not withstanding. The series was ripe for remixing thanks to an all  female cast, character-driven story focused on a deconstruction of social norms and a voice over to manipulate and bend at my will. I work with heavily gendered sources like Sex and the City because it is so easily disregarded as chick-flick nonsense. While not revolutionary or defiant of stereotypes, the series has potential: in each episode, the female characters spend an enormous amount of time dissecting each others’ social expectations and behavior. By editing out existing heterosexual innuendos and male characters, I wanted to create an alternative narrative not typically associated with the original source material.

(SATC’s somewhat subversive roots also include inhibited and frank talk of sexuality and accurate and honest portrayal of female friendship but it was all quickly overwritten by the search for a man and an obsessive self-identification with consumer goods. The narrative then falls flat in an effort to appease a franchise.)

The final chapter in the QueerCarrie remix narrative.


SXSW: Day ?????

Austin is miles away from Cambridge. Here, people strike up a convo on the street, there’s sun and everyone’s a jogger with a dog. And then there’s SXSW when thousands of out-of-towners in skinny jeans descend to litter the unusually clean streets with promotional materials. Here are a couple of snap shots from my time here + some notes on the more useful panels.

How to Create Viral Videos #howtocreateviral

-what is viral is a case by case bases

-viral video is when the audience wants to be the distribution system

kristen_maxwell: all popular web video speaks to essentially human issues. storyteling 101. #howtocreateviral
RT @mjfstewart 2 kinds of viral vids – viral by accident (unexpected moment) v planned (OKGO) Its all about content #sxswi #howtocreateviral

high-production values are good for brands but low can be effective for ppl doing non-professional videos.

good news spreads quicker than bad news. don’t be a debby downer

build a subscriber base and community

encourage remixing and internet memes

curate original content

find the great stuff out there and them make it easier for people to find it

there’s no one way to do it.

be able to embedd things and make it easy to spread on blogs

title and meta data is important – have good titles and tagging

engaging in comments helps to foster that community

-exclusivity online doesn’t work; everyone has to be able to access it at the same time. can’t drive ppl to a specific place

-OK GO partnered with exclusive blogs to spread the day before music video release w/ additional “behind the scenes” content

-it’s very ’17th century patron of the arts’ to have a corporate sponsor but use little product placement’, according to OK GO

danah boyd’s keynote: Privacy and Publicity

Engaging LGBT community #sxsw homo

Local article on the panel

-apparently there’s a lot of money for LGBTQ blogs/causes if you can call a corporation out on their homophobia and be a recipient of their apology.

-gay is the defining issue of this era

-afterellen- if you’re trying to reach any and all queers, make sure you’re inclusive and even forceful about making women of color, butches prominent

-there’s queer in everything, especially pop-culture

-how do you decide what’s going to be popular? Luck + exclusivity.

-Consciousness raising model is still relevant yet blogs aren’t a safe space

– the verdict is out on whether or not to come out before or after you’ve got a career.

-don’t put gay, lesbian, queer in your domain name b/c you’ll be blocked by parent controls, schools and countries

-queer content gets flagged on YouTube by homophobic commenters

-Tubemogul allows videos to be posted on multiple outlets

-when the straight people start talking shit about a brand that’s homophobic, the brand listens but the brand’s target audience is straight, white, teenage boys so any gay boycott won’t work. straight allies are essential.

-there’s not a lot of local, queer blogging but instead focused on celebrities or national queer news. Prezhilton shouldn’t be a voice for a movement

-the queer panel was one of the first of it’s kind @sxsw